Five Tips on Poster Maintenance

The thought process begins the moment you buy a poster or two (or more!) from our store. Once you have paid and start to walk away, you mentally ask yourself, how are you going to put your posters up without it falling off the wall and getting crumpled on the floor? The next question baffles you just as much: How are you going to maintain the condition of your posters after you’ve bought it? Because you love the posters so much and because you’ve invested a lot of money in them, the last thing you want is a spoilt purchase.


Posters mounted on a bedroom wall. Photo by Mira Moln via Pinterest.

Look no further, for we are here to save the day! Sort of… Below are some tips that we would like to share with you on how you can keep your posters in good condition after you’ve bought them, as well as what you can use to put them up without having them fall off the wall.

For those who have bought posters from us and would like to display them immediately:

  • Avoid soggy posters – Do not display posters below air-conditioning units to avoid water droplets that drip down walls.
  • Tacks and tapes – To ensure that your posters don’t fall off the wall and lay crumpled on the floor, we suggest using blutack (if you are permanently based at the place), strong cellophane (folded into circles one end to the other, leaving the sticky sides out) or poster hanging tape (strong enough adhesive for your posters which doesn’t peel paint off the walls) for temporary placements.
  • All hooked up – Alternatively, you can use hooks that are attached and secured to walls using nails and/or screws. These are useful if you have bought framed posters. But you may have to get permission from your landlord or landlady, or even your parents, before you put them up.

For those who have bought posters from us but would prefer to display them at a later date:

  • Rolled and protected – If you are not using your posters, we recommend that you roll them up and store them away in their tubes. These tubes are provided upon purchase at our store.
  • Plastic pockets – Alternatively, you can place your posters in transparent plastic-sleeved cardboards. This way, your posters can still be displayed without being mounted directly onto the wall. These cardboards are available at our store for RM4.00 apiece.

Get more posters from us at our store at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus or via Posterific Facebook!


About Posterific: Online Shopping on Facebook

Dear customers,

In our previous ‘About Posterific’ post, we explained on the types, sizes, and pricing of posters that we have at our physical store and on our Facebook page. Today, we’re going to explain to you on how you can shop for posters online from our Posterific Facebook page! Aren’t you excited yet? This is going to be fun! The infographic below contains all the necessary information and steps on how you can go to our Facebook page and buy our posters.


 Again, it is with these three simple steps that will enable you to buy your favourite posters, fuss-free and hassle-free! Here is how you can shop online:

  • Step 1: Choose the poster(s) of your choice from any of the poster albums in our Photo Album.
  • Step 2: Place your order via Facebook message, text us via Whatsapp, or send us an email.
  • Step 3: Pay the total amount purchased via online banking.

The details of our online shopping methods are provided in small print at the bottom of the infographic. If you have any queries, please contact us at or call us at +6012 638 3032. Let the online shopping begin!

About Posterific: In-Store Poster Info

Hi guys (and girls),

How are you getting along with our Posterific Facebook page? Are you still confused about or unsure of what we have in our stores? For those who are still puzzled over what are the sizes available for our posters, as well as the pricing and types of posters, we have it all mapped out for you. The infographic below contains all the relevant information that you need on what we have and how you can purchase them. You can use it as a guideline on what type of posters you want, what sizes that you like, and how much your selected sizes cost.

POSTERINFO_v2.1 (edited)Happy poster-shopping, people!