Ground Zero Remembered

On September 11, 2001, two planes were hijacked by terrorists and flown straight into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. The towers crumbled, crushing the occupants of the towers as well as killing scores of innocent bystanders on level ground and those who were nearby. A third plane intended for the White House changed its flight course and crashed into an open field after the passengers onboard fought back. A fourth plane was flown straight into the Pentagon. It was the darkest day for the Americans, and those who survived, lived to tell the tale that they had seen with their own eyes. Those who have gone to lend a hand to help out included the brave firemen and policemen, and while they were able to rescue others, some of them have lost their lives in the aftermath of the incident. The devastating attacks were caught on public television, shocking every other nation who tuned in to their local news channel and watched the whole event unfold before them.


9.11.2001. The power to believe. The will to win. The strength to go on. Photo by Vicki Blackwell.

Today, we remember the brave firefighters who lost their trying to save people who were trapped beneath the rubble.

Today, we remember the courageous policemen who lost their lives trying to contain the terrorists and hijackers from attacking elsewhere.

Today, we remember those who lost their lives after being trapped in the towers as they desperately tried to escape, the innocent bystanders who lost their lives despite being outside the Towers, and the families who lost their loved ones in the horrific incident.

Today is the 13th anniversary of 9/11 (as it is fondly known as today). Today, we put our differences aside and pray for the victims and their families.


Pray For MH17

Dear readers,

Reports of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine have been confirmed. All 298 passengers onboard that flight include those from the Netherlands, United States, and our very own homegrown local flight crew, perished in that crash. We are deeply saddened by the horrific news that Flight MH17 has crashed, taking with it the lives of all 298 on board. There have  been talks of a missile hitting the Boeing 777 plane carrying innocent passengers but we will leave the matter to the authorities to figure it out. It is not our place to start theorizing what actually happened. So we ask that our readers pray for those who had friends, family members, and relatives on the ill-fated flight to pray for their wellbeing and may our thoughts be with them in these times of hardship.

Let us join hands and pray for MH17. It will be a difficult time for everyone, so let us take a moment of silence for them.

Remember, no theories please. Just prayers.