D’oh! It’s The Simpsons’ 25th Anniversary

When you see yellow, what is the first thing you think of?

When you see a tall blue cylindrical head of hair, who is the first person you think of?

The Simpsons 25th Anniversary


Phrases like “Eat my shorts!” and “D’oh!” bring to mind the famous five-member family (starring Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson) of Springfield. Let me give you a brief history of the Simpsons family, starting with the man of the clan down to the youngest child.

Homer is the sole breadwinner of the family. Fat and bald, all he ever thinks about is food (mostly donuts and bacon) and Duff beer. His hobby of frying bacon in the pan, and scraping off the oil and fats to be used as gravy for the bacon is a death-defying act! He may not be the brightest star in Springfield but he loves his family to bits. He just doesn’t know how to show it, or perhaps his ways of showing it isn’t always the right way.

Marge is his cylindrical blue-haired wife whose job at home is to be housewife and Super Mom. This is because she has to care for three children of different ages with different characters and personalities! Marge is more logical than her lazy husband who often tries to find the best solution to do less work and earn more money, but there were times when she did some stupid things as well. She means well, as is the case with every mother.

Bart is the oldest and only boy in the family. He is intelligent but boys will always be boys. When it comes to tricks and mischief, Bart is the champion of both. Bart has no interest in school and is always up to no good. He has been punished many times for things he’s done but he is undeterred. He may come across as a bully for the geeky students at his school but nothing can beat the biggest bully Nelson who takes pride in harassing Bart and the other students for lunch money.

Lisa is the second child and is very intelligent. She does so well in school to the point where she gets disappointed if she doesn’t hit the highest grade. Her hobby is playing the saxophone and has always dreamt that she will one day be a great sax player. Her love for the environment and nature has often landed her in trouble with the townsfolk, probably because they couldn’t be bothered and are annoyed with her attempts in trying to get them to care. I’d say the world could do with more Lisa’s and less Homer’s.

Maggie is the youngest and ever since she was born, she always had a pacifier in her mouth and found at her mother’s hip. Despite being the baby of the family, Maggie should not be overlooked in the series. There were episodes that showed Maggie holding her own and sometimes becoming the family’s saviour! She often casts a mysterious vibe to viewers, the things she does actually raises an eyebrow or both. Otherwise, she is a passive character in the series, enjoying her day time naps and occasional romps with the family pet dog and cat.

Homer Simpson Woohoo 25 Years


Other characters include Moe the bar owner, Appu the convenient store owner, Barney, Lenny  who are all friends of Homer, the Flanders who are the Simpsons’ religious next-door neighbours, and Homer’s boss at the nuclear plant, Mr Burns. All these characters will be featured in the 25th anniversary special on Fox Channel. According to director and producer Al Jean, the Simpsons will be taking a new look in the form of Lego! Are you looking forward to it? In conjunction with The Simpsons’ 25th Anniversary, we have posters of Homer and Bart Simpson doing what they do best! Get your Simpsons posters here (while stocks last!)